What We Provide

Custom design or model homes—your choice.

Take your pick: timeless architecture or a style, modern or historic.

What we Provide
Rear elevation, Butterfly Roof House

In pursuing the solution for your needs we produce two types of designs: unique solutions to your particular, site building, program, and budget; and a new line of model homes that provide fresh economical alternatives to the stock houses most builders offer. In both cases we pursue principles of organic architecture, working with site, nature, and materials, using approaches that have always been sustainable, ecological, and economical. Attention is given to environmental orientation, solar impact, and energy efficiency as well as ease of maintenance.

Relying on over thirty years experience as a historian of art and architecture and a reputation as one of the world’s leading authorities on Frank Lloyd Wright, Anthony Alofsin brings to his practice unique perspectives. Educated early in the fine arts of weaving, painting, and ceramics, he spent years sculpting and restored antique artifacts before studying architecture. His experience with fine woods, finishes, and styles—European, American, and Asian—continue to influence his design of details and use of materials. He enjoys making form with his own hands and draws free hand though he uses a full range of computer visualizations as needed.